University Teaching Package

We offer universities a customized package useable for teaching at exceeding conditions.

A sound education in psychological assessment is important for the correct use of psychological tests. Universities play an essential role in this. Our University Teaching Package is tailored to universities who are interested in using modern psychological tests. It allows universities to integrate tests from the Vienna Test System (VTS) into their teaching and thereby covering various fields of applications for psychological assessment and a wide spectrum of test paradigms.


Benefits of the Universitiy Teaching Package at a glance:


  • Tailored solution. You can flexibly choose tests and decide how you want to use them. The University Teaching Package provides various possibilities to adjust to your needs, be it offline or online test demonstrations/administrations, or using tests in individual or group assessment settings.

  • Low costs. Even after the free trial ended, the University Teaching Package will always be many times more favorable than a regular purchase.

  • Optimally prepared. At least one employee is trained by SCHUHFRIED to become a certified VTS trainer. VTS trainers are allowed to certify students as VTS users.

  • Always up to date. Receive regular VTS updates free of charge.

  • Benefits for your students. Students can use the VTS tests for their theses. Moreover, they can participate in the Start-up Program by SCHUHFRIED and use the VTS for 12 months for free after they have graduated.


What are the variants of the University Teaching Package?

Choose your tailored solution in just two steps:

  1. Choose 6, 12, or 24 tests from the pool of 32 tests.
  2. Decide whether you need a small number of single workstations (offline; <10 workstations) or a large number of single workstations or a server system (online; ≥10 parallel administrations).

What are the costs?

The pricing for the University Teaching Package depends on the number of selected tests and workstations as well as the license duration.


What are the requirements?

icon-check You will integrate the tests of the VTS into your teaching und name a responsible person for the VTS.
icon-check You agree that teaching staff and students will ensure and follow guidelines on test security.
icon-check You will submit an annual report about the usage of the VTS (lectures, trainings, theses, etc.).
icon-check You will not use the VTS provided in the context of this package for commercial or research purposes other than stated above.
icon-check You will inform your students about the Start-up Program by SCHUHFRIED.


Are you interested?

We would be pleased to discuss the University Teaching Package in more detail with you and provide you with an offer which fits best to your needs. Please contact us: